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Lauttamus’s Web On-Call Scheduler puts your office in control of your On-Call account. Using our Web Interface, you can make up-to-the-minute changes. The information instantly will be available to our staff of operators.

At last you’re in control of your answering service account. With Lauttamus Web-Enabled On-Call Scheduler, your office keeps your On-Call schedule up-to-date by entering data directly into our call center computers, in real-time.

  • You control the accuracy
  • You control the timeliness

How It Works:

The On-Call schedule for your office is maintained on our call center computer system, which is linked to the Internet via a secure connection. When you need to update your on call schedule, you simply use Internet Explorer or Netscape to gain direct access to our call center system. Before entering our call center equipment, you must have a Login ID and Password. Your Log In ID, and Password can be obtained by submitting your request to: tas@lauttamus.com or call 800-285-2197. Once you enter your information into our system, you can change your On-Call schedule and it will be immediately available to our operators.

Security Concerns:

Although you gain access to your account over the Internet, the Information that you enter into the On-Call Scheduler is available only to authorized personnel in your office and our call center.

You must have a personal Login ID and Password to get into your account. Our system keeps track of the person who entered the On-Call information, which creates an audit trail that can be followed in the event of any problems.

Why Sign Up?

On-Call Scheduling provides a powerful, flexible and easy-to-use tool to assign schedule coverage, view schedule coverage, report on schedules, dispatch messages to schedule contacts, and extend schedule information to the enterprise via Web access.

No Matter the time zone in which you are located, time zones can be assigned to on-call schedules. This allows a call center to have on-call schedules nationwide, or even worldwide, with the local time of the on-call schedule automatically adjusting to the time zone of the client.