React quickly in an emergency, enter the various disaster plans for your organization with the innovative RED Alert System. When you have an emergency situation, simply activate the designated plan to automatically contact the appropriate people. RED Alert is the ideal way to handle:

  • Natural Disasters
  • Disease Emergencies
  • Damaged Facilities
  • Network Outage
  • Blackouts
  • Public Relations
  • Equipment or Plant Failures
  • Weather Emergencies and Evacuations
  • Emergency Threat Situations
  • Building Evacuations
  • Education Notification

RED Alert offers a number of convenient methods for quickly contacting personnel. These inclusive and labor-saving options help you meet your organization’s specific disaster notification needs.

Choose the specific notification methods you need for each person, then determine the contact order for each person. RED Alert’s contact methods include:

  • E-mail message
  • Page
  • Phone call to cellular, home, or office
  • Wireless message
  • Fax

There are no limitations to the number of simultaneous notifications that RED Alert can generate, as RED Alert can place phone calls on every available port in the RED Alert system. This helps ensure that the notification alerts quickly reach the designated people.

Just Say It Speech Recognition:

Make it easier for the people contacted to respond using RED Alert’s “Just Say It” speech recognition technology. Instead of pressing touch tones to accept or decline the notification and their availability, they can simply speak their response, such as “Yes, I am available.” This simplifies and speeds the process of responding to the notification, helping ensure they can get to the designated location even faster.

Powerful Scripting Technology:

For phone call notifications, the flexible RED Alert system makes it possible to easily create scripts to do whatever is necessary for the emergency, including giving the called party the location where they are needed, who they need to contact, and much more.

Scripts can be recorded using prerecorded greetings, along with a text-to-speech capability, which allows information to be read from a database to further customize what the called party hears.


RED Alert uses call analysis to determine the results of each phone call notification. RED Alert can detect a person answering, a ring/no answer, a busy signal, a reorder tone, an answering machine, or voice mail. RED Alert can perform special functions for these results, such as calling a different number when there is no answer, leaving a message on an answering machine, and much more.

You can monitor progress in real-time, seeing both successful and unsuccessful notifications, the number of people able to respond, and much more. This instant access to vital information keeps you informed, and lets you know how many people are available to assist. RED Alert keeps a complete history of calls, showing who was contacted, and who could not be reached. Successful and unsuccessful attempts are also updated in the original database file. You can use this information to create any type of report you need to show the results of notification attempts.


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