Call Center Solutions for Every Business

The life blood of any office is the telephone. It doesn’t matter if you are a physician, attorney, Internet Company, Logistics Company, small business, or a multi-national corporation the phone is the most important tool for business and is often the most neglected. Most companies only answer from 9-5, and simply do not want to be bothered with answering the phone after business hours. Telephone Answering Service and the Internet has changed the game of business. Customers now want you to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Having a telephone answering service can now allow you to be open after business hours, weekends, and holidays. Imagine never missing another opportunity.

The frontline of any business is the telephone, the first voice, it is the first impression a potential customer has when calling your business. Using a telephone answering service can help your business by improving sales and customer service. Answering the phone will make or break your business.

Our Telephone Answering Service Can:

  • We can answer your telephone by using your company name
  • We can provide you with an exclusive toll-free 800 or local number
  • We can ask the exact same questions that you would ask your customers.
  • We can screen all your calls
  • We can dispatch via pager, cell phone, email, fax, or anyway
  • We can record your calls for quality assurance
  • We can program your account per your protocol
  • We can improve your customer service
  • We can improve your bottom line

As recipient of the Call Center of Excellence Award, in addition to multiple other awards, Lauttamus is proud of our commitment to our customers, and proud to have never lost a customer do to quality.