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Public Safety First Responders need reliable communications systems able to survive in virtually all conditions. They need coverage within their jurisdictions, and the ability to communicate across jurisdictions. The bottom line: First Responders need excellent communications to support their mission.

Public service workers depend on effective communications systems to link with their supervisors and with their dispatchers to ensure that their unique missions are accomplished as fast and cost effectively as possible.


The Lauttamus P25IP system combines the benefits of an IP-based network with industry recognized Project 25 (P25) standards. The result is a single cost-effective IP-based network that is reliable, scalable and secure while providing communications interoperability.

Survivability and Reliability

Disasters happen. And when they do, whether natural or man-made, a mission-critical radio system has to work. Lauttamus communication systems have a proven track record in some of the worst conditions.


The delivery of optimal coverage starts with a clear requirement defined by a customer. Lauttamus engineers then work to create a system design, verified by high-tech tools and tested in the field, which meets the coverage requirements for our customer’s unique needs.

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