The operation of many industrial, facilities, natural resources, and utilities depend upon equipment and processes that are remote. Lauttamus Communications remote monitoring line offers these organizations tools to quickly identify problems and remotely manage and control equipment and processes. Fortunately, low-cost, high-speed computer and communications technology enables any organization, regardless of size and budget, to automate and centralize the management of the operation.

Since most equipment has monitoring instrumentation, it is straight-forward to install an electronic device that collects this information and forwards it over a wireless or wired communications network to a central location.

A person or computer can analyze the information, decide what action to take, and dispatch a person to the location. With added intelligence, the remote electronic device or central computer can automate the process by analyzing the information it collects, selecting the appropriate action, and correcting the problem by sending control signals that change the status of the equipment.

Lauttamus SCADA, telemetry, and alarm processors support the transfer of data over conventional and trunked wireless networks, and cellular, dial-up, and leased-line telephone circuits. Using a wireless network as the transport medium instead of wires is often more economical.

Lauttamus wireless alarm, monitoring and control systems offer tangible, real savings in traditional hardwired and leased-line applications as in well as new automation opportunities where hardwired systems are technically or economically impractical.


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