The power of doing business the right way.

Nothing is more important to Lauttamus than our ethical values and our corporate integrity. “Doing business” is important, yes. “Doing business the right way” is even more important. At our company, we believe in a clear approach to our ethical standards and behavior:

Each member of our team shall act with the highest ethical standards of honesty and integrity at all times.

Since the foundation of our firm, this has been our practice. It is woven into the fiber of our people, products, services, and our business processes. It is an asset that is tremendously important to us. If you feel we are falling short of our goals of meeting these standards or you feel we’ve violated our own rules of business, please contact our Ethics Hotline at 800-285-2197, available 24×7. We will be grateful that you’ve taken the time to notify us and grant us the opportunity to respond.

Thank you,

Paul Lauttamus

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