Kelly Long
We recently had a visit by a technician, and he was absolutely wonderful! He was extremely knowledgeable about the product and very patient with our questions. He really went above and beyond to make sure that our security system was functioning properly. We were very happy with our service!

Rebecca Earlewine
The Lauttamus team is a pleasure to work with! I hugely appreciate the passion and committment they put into their customer projects and the customer centric perspective they consistently provide.

Lou Wotring
My husband and I have a security system that was installed abut 15 years ago. We have always been happy with their service..They are quick to call when they get an alarm from our home, they call us when there is low battery indicator, as well as sent someone to service our system when needed. Their call center staff is friendly. The technicians are very knowledgeable when we call for support. We are please with every aspect of Lauttamus Communications and Security.

Carrie Russell

The Sales Rep for my area Todd W has been extremely helpful in determining what type of radio will be useful in my hospital and always keeps us up to date with the newer technology. The Tech that have installed the new equipment have been …

Gary Crutchfield
Outstanding company with excellent equipment to meet our fire department needs. Found them to be very competitive and the the after sale service has been very solid. Todd W. and his team have helped us source the best value for our needs and provided outstanding installation and follow-up.

Erin Kelly
Lauttamus Communications has provided my businesses with state of the art equipment and extremely reliable service. I feel like I am in good hands at all times with my business's security. Lauttamus is dependable and values me as their customer.

Juginder & Dolly Luthra
Recently I had problem with the security system. I called Lauttamus Communications, our service provider. Their response was prompt. Initial thought was to possibly upgrade the whole system. Josh Lyons and Dave Roush checked the system. They arrived on time, were pleasant, knowledgeable and were efficient.
To top it all, they cared for the customer.
Instead of changing the whole system, they chose what is right and more economical for us. They recommended to simply get the two required sensors rather than change the complete system!
Honesty and integrity above money was their the motto. This reminded me of the lesson my teacher gave me decades ago, which I have practiced in my field of Ophthalmology practice in Weirton for 44 years—“When you look at an eye, do not look at the patient’s wallet.” I saw that lesson in Josh and Dave in action and told them so. They replied “This is how all of us at Lauttamus Communications always treat our customers.”

Bit lengthy, but from the heart.
J K Luthra

Mike Oliverio
Our family has used Lauttamus for several products and services including our home security. They are professional and helpful to deal with. I frequently recommend them to others.

Autumn Queen
Lauttamus Communications updated the camera system in our school this year. What a big difference in the quality and clarity! I would definitely recommend them for you security camera needs. 😊

ElizabethAnn Sutton
Very impressed with the services they offer. The employees are so knowledgeable and friendly.

Peter Varischetti
Excellent service and knowledgeable staff who provided great suggestions. I'm very pleased with this company and would recommend.

Brian Berry
Customer focused business with excellent security, communications, and call-center

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