Get the right devices, accessories and peripherals to meet your business needs.

Two Way Radios and Security asset procurement can be seamless or stressful, depending on your strategy. Mobile and Security-enabled organizations must continually purchase a wide range of products and associated capabilities to keep end-users connected. Typically, these purchases are either completed in bulk transactions or one at a time on an as-needed basis.

Lauttamus procures all types of devices, including Motorola, Kenwood, EFJ, Harris, Honeywell, Avigilon, Avtec, Zetron, Eaton and more.

Lauttamus understands what may work for one customer or end-user, might not work for another. To meet the particular needs of all mobile users and organizations, Lauttamus lets you choose:

  • Operating system
  • Manufacturing Partner (Vendor Neutral)
  • Device capabilities
  • Hardware and software
  • Application availability
  • Device life cycle management

Through Lauttamus’ established relationships, you can decide to procure brand new or refurbished equipment on demand. You also have options around the condition of the devices, warranty status and total overall cost.

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