Serving the Logistics Industry

Lauttamus specializes in the design, implementation, and management of customer contact center, dedicated logistical operations. As a leading provider of call center logistics, we have the facilities, infrastructure and capacity to provide your total call center solution throughout North America.

More and more, manufacturers and retailers are embracing Lauttamus customer contact center, as a means to reduce overall supply chain costs, increase profitability, improve customer service levels, and reduce investment in fixed assets. Lauttamus customer center allows you to concentrate your valuable time and money on your core business.

What services does Lauttamus offer?

Lauttamus has the experience and resources to handle all your customer contact logistical needs, including:

  • 24 X 7 X 365 Customer Care
  • Supply chain information systems
  • Automated dispatch
  • Web On-Call
  • Live-Chat
  • E-Chat
  • Order Fulfillment

As North Americas leading Customer Contact Center, Lauttamus can provide a managed contract that will allow for outsource telecommunications, inbound logistics, order fulfillment, web on-call, and transportation management to the logistics industry.

How do you get it started?

We work with you to define, map, and measure key performance indicators for you call center and operational needs. This enables us to focus on quality improvements that offer the greatest potential gains in operational efficiency. The desired result is to enhance customer service levels, while maximizing profits. You will decrease your overall costs and offer your customers unparalleled customer service.

Come see why Chicago Logistics and Best Transport chose Lauttamus to provide their call center services!