Lauttamus offers a full menu of microwave site services, starting with engineering and design, and continuing on through long-term maintenance and service programs. Our registered, certified crews are adept in all aspects of ensuring reliability and carrier-grade service.

We begin our microwave service discussions with an eye to helping you reach your objectives for reliability and quality. Whether your project is likely to take advantage of one of our towers or you need help identifying a location and channel, we can take you through the process.

From quick start microwave hops in the unlicensed spectrum, to permanent microwave hops in the licensed spectrum, we offer the full range of support you need, including:


  • Call on us to research, engineer and coordinate hops. We can identify a site, availability of a channel, FCC licensing and permitting.


  • Whether you demand .999, .9999 or .99999 reliability, hot standby or spatial diversity redundancy, we can build the system that fulfills your needs. Our designs deliver carrier-grade quality, making us the designer of choice for a wide range of private and public entities.


  • We hang all categories of equipment on a variety of facilities. Past projects include installation of everything from 2-way radio antenna, traditional parabolic dishes and wire grid dishes to specialized remote monitoring equipment. We work on guyed and freestanding towers in all terrains.
  • Throughout every project, our certified installation crews work in conjunction with the engineering and design teams to ensure that the installation and provisioning of equipment is implemented as intended.


  • We offer a wide range of maintenance programs, and are always happy to arrange customized programs to meet your needs. We place heavy emphasis on preventative maintenance, but should you need it, our service crew is on call for you 24 hours a day.


  • Our team has decades of combined experience and that makes troubleshooting move quickly for you. Call on us for help with service failures, antenna realignment, and adjacent channel interference analysis.


  • We offer a wide range of bandwidth for lease. Ask us for specifics about our Ethernet (data), internet, networking and dedicated T1 data services.


  • Whether your installation is a point-to-point or point-to-multipoint job, and whether you’re installing Ethernet or T1 data equipment, we work with the leading equipment manufacturers and obtain the equipment that meets your needs and budget.

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