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Kenwood is the Toyota of the Two-Way Radio industry. Ask Motorola who their biggest Competitor is and they will tell you Kenwood. Only Kenwood Two-Way Radios deliver the highest quality conventional, trunking, digital, and P-25 communications at a value-conscious price model.

With value and quality being the cornerstone of your communications purchase, you simply must consider Kenwood. Kenwood Two-Way Radios are built to rigorous ISO-9001 standards for design, manufacturing and engineering.

For over 50 years, Kenwood has been building products to highest standards of engineering excellence. Lauttamus Communications has been a partner with Kenwood since 1996, and has become one of the largest Kenwood Two-Way Radios Dealers in the world.

Lauttamus Communications can provide your mining operation with this essential communications, emergency, and security device. Call us today for more information! We carry all Kenwood Two-Way Radios product lines and accessories, including the very popular Kenwood 2180 and Kenwood 3180 and all Nexedge accessories!


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