Whether you are a restaurant, healthcare provider, retailer, pharmacy, and a host of others have come to use Lauttamus for wireless communication solutions to enhance profitability and create efficiencies by streamlining their business communications. Lauttamus is the leading supplier of health care pagers, restaurant pagers, server pagers, customer pagers, staff pagers, and wireless paging systems. Our systems meet the needs for restaurant paging, church nursery paging, hotel paging, retail paging, and many more applications.

Whether you need server paging, guest paging, or manager paging in restaurants, hospital paging for patient and family paging in admitting, same-day surgery or non-critical Emergency Services, or customer and staff paging in retail environments, Lauttamus has the experience, the solutions, and the service you demand.

If you are a hospital, ask how Lauttamus can engineer your existing paging network to work with our in house pagers.


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