Avoid Downtime By Planning Today

The best plan for your business in dealing with disasters is to be prepared before the disaster occurs. Disasters, natural and man-made, are sometimes unavoidable. Lauttamus is uniquely positioned to help you respond, survive and recover when the unexpected happens. Unlike many businesses, our lights will be on during an emergency. We have full battery backup systems plus a diesel generator for long outages. We also have redundant T-1 and PRI telephone circuits to our center which are not reliant on a single vendor.

How will your customers react if no one answers your phones?
How will you keep in contact with customers, employees and suppliers?
How will they know when your services will be available again?

Don’t make the mistake of letting them guess what has happened, our call center can act as the temporary go between to keep your customers, employees, and vendors informed. Communication is paramount in these types of situations. Not keeping your customers informed may cause them to start looking elsewhere for the type of service you provide.