Our Manufacturers are key to our success.

Lauttamus’ key to success has been its ability to partner with the best manufacturers in the world. We only select our partners based upon the values they share with our corporate philosophies.

Lauttamus’ Standards for Manufacturing Partners

  • Manufacturers must be customer-centric.
  • Partners must have the ability to develop great products.
  • Most importantly our partners must provide the best customer support after the sale.
  • Each partner is required to provide ongoing training to our team to make sure our team completely understands each product we represent.

These points have enabled us to selectively represent only those manufacturing partners that share our values, position our clients with the best-of-class products, and provide the most comprehensive service and support after the sale. The result has been an ongoing environment of success that has enabled Lauttamus to become a national leader in two-way radio distribution and service.


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