Our Mission at Lauttamus

Our mission is to be the leading telecommunications and security provider in the United States, to continue developing new products, services, and technology, and to continue to provide outstanding customer, supplier, and employee relations.

Our goal is to bring the convenience and efficiency of the telecommunications and security industry not only to the professional consumer but to the personal “common” consumer as well.

Conceptually, this will require that we form a symbiotic relationship with our customers… not only satisfying our customer’s needs, but trying to anticipate them as well.

Ethics will play a crucial part in developing a prominent role for our company in both our community and market place today. Since our customers form the cornerstone of our company, they shall receive the honest and courteous service they deserve. The customer shall receive a fair price and a great product or service. In addition, it will be our ethical responsibility to keep our customers best interest in mind while still respecting their needs.

Our company agrees that we will play an active role in the development of the communities we serve. We will strive to distribute profits to organizations that serve our country in a positive aspect and treat our employees the greatest!

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