Environmental Guidelines

  • We recycle all electronic equipment sold by Lauttamus and our competitors.
  • Lauttamus Communications will reduce energy cost by 20% by replacing light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs.
  • We will recycle all cardboard from all shipments.
  • All Lauttamus customers will receive a notice of our environmental plan on reducing electronic communication waste.
  • Lauttamus will develop a paper recycling program.
  • All paper and envelopes purchased will be recycled paper.
  • Lauttamus will implement electronic billing systems where technology and software is applicable.
  • Lauttamus and its subsidiary companies shall encourage all customers and our communities we serve, to recycle and take an active part of environmental program and take a pro-active approach on our environment.
  • We will build an environmental dimension into our grand image and encourage our consumers to expect it from Lauttamus.
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