In the old days, corporations used to rely on people to recognize individuals by their looks, then as corporations grew they used PINs and ID Cards. However, today’s complex corporate operations have rendered our old ways of verifying people’s identities insecure and unreliable.

How can you be sure than an individual entering your corporate grounds is in fact the person they claim to be?

Lauttamus Communications and Security is using Recognition Systems as their biometric supplier. Recognition Systems offers biometric technology as a secure alternative to easily lost or compromised Cards and PINs. In less than one second our biometric technology uses biological characteristics such as hand geometry and fingerprints to verify and recognize a person’s true identity.

Recognition Systems gives today’s small and large corporations’ true security. Our biometric technology is affordable and user friendly as it can be applied in most access control applications.

Recognition System’s extensive research, manufacturing, and consulting experience with both hand geometry and finger fingerprint biometric technology, uniquely qualifies us to make sure that the right technology is applied to the right application.

Go with the best. Go with Lauttamus Communications and Security along with Recognition Systems for all you biometric needs.


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