Consulting Experience:

Lauttamus Consultants constantly stays abreast of developments in new and emerging technologies. We understand the practical capabilities and limitations of the technologies, and we are able to clearly and conclusively determine the best technologies that meet our clients’ needs, regardless of the claims made by technology vendors and commercial wireless communications services providers.

  • Radio Frequency (RF) System Design for voice and mobile data in the:
    • VHF (30 MHz– 150 MHz and 220 MHz) frequency bands
    • UHF (400 MHz – 512 MHz) frequency bands
    • 700 MHz frequency band
    • 800 MHz frequency band
    • 900 MHz frequency band
    • Narrowband and broadband, licensed and unlicensed frequency
    • RF Propagation & Coverage Analysis
  • Radio System Capacity (Bandwidth) & Loading Analyses
  • Detailed System Functional and Performance Specifications Preparation
  • Interoperability Analysis, Design, and Evaluation
  • FCC & Canadian Licensing and Regulatory Filings
  • 800 MHz rebanding process
  • Radio (RF) System Infrastructure & Facilities Design
  • Alternative Mobile Data Terminal (Computing) & Voice Technologies Evaluation
  • Call-taker/Dispatcher Resource Analyses
  • Dispatch & Control Center System Design
  • RFP & Bid Requests, Contract Negotiations & Contract Documentation
  • Supervising System Installation
  • Testing & Evaluating System Performance
  • Overseeing System Commissioning & Acceptance

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