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Enhance campus connectivity, productivity, safety & security for a better learning environment. Technology makes it possible to extend learning far beyond the classroom. From lab to dorm room, Lauttamus offers Wireless solutions to cover every facet of campus life.

Answering the Call for Critical Solutions

Education entities across the country constantly struggle to meet a wide range of needs for students with limited, even decreased, funding. Now more than ever, schools rely on technology to support management, student communications and e-learning initiatives, and even use it to attract new students. Keeping up with technology trends that adequately serve students and ensure their safety is challenging, but vital today and in the future. Lauttamus two-way radio and wireless broadband solutions present simple, effective answers to many of these important challenges.

Lauttamus Solutions
Education + Lauttamus

Many of the challenges facing the education industry can be addressed by improving communications in the schools. Lauttamus two-way radios and accessories and wireless broadband are rooted in superb technology and innovation that provide a dependable and effective solution.

Education Interoperable Communications Solutions

Lauttamus solutions provide security, resiliency, scalability and manageability to deliver a cost-effective centralized wireless enterprise.

Also here is a Line card of available products that Lauttamus Provides for the Education Market:

Two-Way Radios for Education

The case for two-way radios
Versatile and easy to use, Lauttamus two-way radios provide the immediate communications tool to help maintain order, manage operations, and enhance student safety.

Voice and data integration
With the integration of voice and data, Lauttamus digital radios can cut through the noisy backdrops that can be common at schools. Noise suppression technology can limit background noise, and text messaging capabilities enable discreet communications or an alternative when voice communication is not possible.

Emergency notification
Teachers, bus drivers, crossing guards and coaches can take immediate action when disturbances or emergencies occur. Lauttamus radios include emergency call features to alert a safety or security team.

Campus security
Security staff can program Lauttamus radios to receive an alarm text message when an emergency door is opened, and radios allow you to retrieve and send critical messages on the move, wherever you are in the building.

Wireless Broadband

Lauttamus broadband solutions help to enhance the learning experience, reduce costs, improve communications, comply with government mandates and tighten security.

Lauttamus RF experience and innovation drive successful enterprise and government wireless networks all over the US. Our wireless network products are purpose-built for performance, reliability and interconnectivity indoors and outdoors.


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