I2C Technologies

I2C is a software development company and manufacturer of portable video security enclosures and systems. I2C’s video surveillance software is designed around real-world events and supports virtually any sensor input, camera and third-party analytics solutions, and IP applications such as access control and PoS systems. I2C’s software provides automated camera control, email and pager alerts with pictures, as well as extensive archive filtering and video storage optimizations. The I2C Video Management Software (“VMS”) is designed for remote access and supports low bandwidth connections.

I2C’s portable surveillance enclosures are designed for portability and ease of installation. The compact design houses up to 4 cameras, a video server, a wireless device, and all associated electronics. A variety of enclosures are available ranging from outdoor covert and overt models to indoor systems. I2C also offers complete systems with state-of-the-art cameras.


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