Are you considering starting a 211 Information and Referral Call Center? Lauttamus Communications is the only For-Profit 211 Call Center in the World. Lauttamus Communications has worked with many states such as North Carolina, Ohio, and Florida to discuss 211 Information and Referral Centers.

Are you interested in outsourcing your 211 Call Center? Lauttamus will work closely with each of your partnering agencies, government regulators, communities, and social service organizations to make your transition as smooth as possible. We will assign an information and referral specialist and account manager to oversee the entire transition.

211 Service After Hours:

Is your 211 Call Center continuously looking for ways to reduce costs because of budget shortfalls? Consider Lauttamus to provide 211 Call Center services to answer your after hours calls. Simply call forward your 211 calls from the time your Call Center closes until the next business day.

211 Consulting:

Lauttamus Communications has the ability to provide you with consulting, call center design, equipment vendor selection process, database selection, and total turnkey solutions. We can provide answers you are looking for; at a price you can afford.

211 Disaster Preparedness:

Is your Call Center prepared for a natural disaster? Does your Call Center have a backup plan in place in case your staff can’t handle the excess call volume or call overload? Lauttamus can provide your Call Center with a fully functional back up Call Center that can be on standby in case of a disaster. Our staff is battle tested, as we have responded to Hurricane Katrina, flooding in West Virginia, and most recently the California Wild Fires.

Since 2004, our Call Center, has provided uninterrupted 211 Information and Referral Services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the State of West Virginia. Our experienced Information and Referral Specialist utilize the most advanced technology in the industry, the latest software (Iris), and web-based data resources to quickly provide vital Information and Referral Services.


Located in Northern West Virginia, this allows our Call Center to have three Bell Operating Companies servicing our Call Center. With three states; West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania located within a five mile radius of our Call Center, allows our call center to ensure unmatched reliability and redundancy. Our 211 Call Center has a redundant backup Call Center located within the same facility, and has two redundant telephone switches located within our facility. Our 211 Call Center is mirrored after the most advanced 911 centers in the World.