Answering Service

In the never stop world we live in, you must always be available, if you are not available you are losing business. Everyday you could be losing customers because you didn’t answer your phone when your customers or new customer called. Your callers expect you to work around their busy schedules. When you force your customers to get help or place orders only during your business hours, you are losing business. Our answering service is here to help you increase sales by call center outsourcing.

Our answering service and Internet services are here to allow you to serve your customers all day without the cost of keeping your office open nights and weekends. It is the best of both worlds. Our operators will handle your customers just like they worked for your business. Your customers won’t even know the difference, but you will. You will see the difference in your bottom line, because the cost of our answering service is a fraction of the cost of staffing your office. Just imagine having a virtual secretary or order entry person who never goes home, and doesn’t require a 401k or health insurance plan. We can answer your phones all day every day of the week.