Lauttamus Communications and its subsidiaries specialize in the construction and installation of communication facilities, including PCS, Cellular, Nextel, Messaging, Land Mobile Radio, CLEC, and Broadband. We have been doing this since 1967, with project management experience in 3 states. Our professionals are highly skilled in tower construction; site surveys, site development, and communication facilities; and the installation of equipment on towers, rooftops, water tanks and other structures. We can provide these services on an individual basis or develop a complete turnkey network deployment solution tailored to meet each companies needs. We will work with your budget restrictions, deadlines, and technical requirements combined with our knowledge of local requirements and federal requirements:

  • Tower Erection
  • Site Preparation
  • Antenna & Hard Line Installation
  • Site & Tower Inspections
  • Site Modification Services
  • Material Procurement
  • Logistics

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