24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, a trained professional monitors your alarm system. Whether is a burglar alarm, fire alarm, medical alert, or a carbon dioxide detector Lauttamus is there to answer the alarm.

Once the signal is received at the alarm monitoring center, each trained professional (based upon the signal) immediately contacts the local public safety agency. Whether it’s fire, police, emergency medical services, or a loved one, Lauttamus will Answer your alarm.

Lauttamus operates its own nationwide monitoring center, while many other security companies outsource their alarm monitoring. Ask your alarm company who monitors their alarms? Lauttamus monitors their own alarms, which helps us manage all phases of your security — protection against intrusion, theft, and other critical conditions — all day, every day, we have control, not a third party that was outsourced.

Our dedication to immediate response, personal attention to each alarm, and customer satisfaction has made Lauttamus Security the market leader.


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