Lauttamus Holding is considered one of the largest regional tower companies in the United States. We are a privately-owned tower company and tower contract services provider with a network of towers and experience in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, and South Carolina.

Since our inception in 1967, we have leveraged our extensive industry knowledge, portfolio of towers and experience of site development services to assist the wireless communications, phone companies and internet companies meet the growth demands their investors require.

Our origins in the wireless communications industry, with an understanding of the technology and engineering aspects of wireless infrastructure business give us a unique advantage. We can leverage our technical competence into complete array of additional services to address your every customers needs. Our level of expertise to construct a complete tower, site preparation, base station deployment, integration, specialized network design, and planning make Lauttamus the right choice.

Lauttamus has a portfolio of towers, that gives us a complete understanding of the local zoning, topography, construction, and permit issues — which only enhances our effectiveness in the acquisition, construction, and gaining approval from local municipalities to construct and manage towers for our customers and meeting the objectives of all stake holders.

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