Oil and Gas Markets

Lauttamus Communications & Security has been serving the oil and gas markets for many years. We are a leading provider of Two-Way Radios, SCADA, Tower Climbing, FCC Frequencies, Cell Phone Boosters, Emergency and Customer Hotlines, and consulting services across the upstream, midstream and downstream supply chain, and we have established long-term relationships with some of the world’s major integrated oil and gas companies, as well as independent oil and gas producers.

Lauttamus has the capacity to serve every active North American oil and gas field.

As production costs increase, oil and gas companies are looking for more efficient ways to produce and deliver their products to markets. We are helping industry leaders meet these challenges on both large and small projects for every phase of their operations by providing integrated services, such as planning, environmental services, engineering, construction, and construction management. We also provide technology assessments for upstream projects to increase production and optimize recovery.

To help our clients minimize construction costs, Lauttamus works with the client to time delivery, support, and maintenance services at optimum levels to ensure continued operational stability.

Also here is a Line card of available products that Lauttamus Provides for the Oil and Gas Market:

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