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Paging Systems

Paging infrastructure sets up a wireless paging network through which users send and receive voice, numeric, and alphanumeric pages. Lauttamus supplies paging solutions for many applications, from small, private paging systems to large, public paging networks.

Commercial paging operators offer airtime on public paging networks to a wide range of companies and individuals. Subscribers pay a monthly invoice for pager rental and airtime usage.

An on-site paging system establishes a private paging service to ensure that personnel can be contacted at all times. On-site paging systems are also used for process and procedure management. The key to Lauttamus success is that we have a broad range of products so a system can be configured to precisely meet the budget and need of most paging applications. A modular architecture ensures that our systems offer cost-effective performance today with an upgrade path for tomorrow’s growth, feature enhancements, and technology adaptations.

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