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Avtec Two Way Radios

logoAvtec has been a leader in the development of radio and telephone communications console systems. Avtec designs, manufactures, and services a line of touch screen console systems that carry voice over telephone, radio, and data networks. Our systems are used worldwide in transportation and utilities industries and in public safety, military, and government agencies.

Avtec pioneered the use of digital signal processors in integrated radio/telephone systems. Our DSPatch family of consoles supports system sizes that range from one operator and several communications circuits to hundreds of operators and thousands of lines. And our color touch screens provide a user-friendly interface for every operator.

Avtec products are deployed in various sectors such as:

Public Safety



Avtec leads the industry because they provide solutions that satisfy every aspect of our customers’ needs. Avtec supports solutions with expertise that’s been proven over decades. Avtec’s large engineering staff employs the latest proven technologies to build the best systems for our customers.


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