Brooking Industries, Inc. first entered into the public safety marketplace in 1986 by producing private label switch boxes and outlets for one of the nation’s largest retailers.

Today Brooking Industries, Inc. has a vast network of distributors, dealers and installers in North, South, and Central America, Australia and Europe. Many of our customers are Kenwood and Motorola dealers, as well as Ford, Chrysler, and General Motors dealerships. In addition to these, Brooking also supplies a large number of dealers and retail distributors across the United States.

In the latter part of 2005, Brooking Industries, Inc. partnered with an electrical component manufacturer to assist in developing a new and dynamic product line of L.E.D. lighting. After several years this line has been widely accepted as equal if not superior to the name brands that have dominated the industry for years. Our competitive pricing and industry standard warranty (5 years) have helped establish this line all around the globe.

Brooking Industries, Inc. has since expanded into many other product lines popular with law enforcement throughout the United States. Transport seats, floor pans, door covers, consoles, push bumpers, and many other products are available in the Brooking catalog which allows for sourcing multiple products from one super store – Brooking Industries, Inc.

Although the company has branched into other markets, Brooking Industries, Inc. has not forgotten its roots. Today, Brooking Industries, Inc. supplies many entities with customized products that are not listed in the catalog. Many of these products are proprietary in nature for a given customer and encompass lines such as custom switch boxes/panels, wiring harnesses and a wide variety of brackets. Brooking invites you to call with any requests you may have to discuss the manufacture of products unique to your requirements.

Visit our site often to view new products, learn more about us, and to browse our most recent catalog and MSRP Price Guide. Potential customers are invited to request further information by selecting the “contact” tab and providing information via email or phone. One of the Brooking Industries, Inc. Team will respond promptly to your inquiry.

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