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Refer A Customer

Our customers are the reason we exist, and nothing is more affirming of our business, support, and service than a customer who refers us to another business.   Your referral of us as a trusted ally in your business is the greatest accolade we could receive, and we’re thrilled to have earned your trust!

We look forward to serving additional clients throughout North America.   We re poised for growth — but will do so with a constant eye on maintaining the same customer-centric approach that has become the bedrock of our business model.    We won’t forget how we’ve built this business, and we will strive to earn your business every day.

Refer a Business to Lauttamus!

Current Customers will receive $100 when you refer an associate or business contact to our services and they become a customer (certain restrictions apply, please contact us for details).
  • Prospect information

    Please provide the following details about the referral prospect point-of-contact. Thank you again for your recommendation of Lauttamus Communications and Security!
  • Service Areas

    Please let us know which services from Lauttamus you think this prospect may have an interest in.

Thank you for placing your trust in us!


Paul Lauttamus
Lauttamus Communications and Security

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