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Alpha Numeric Paging

Use this online form to send an alpha numeric paging notification through Lauttamus’ paging network.  Note that this service only works on pagers using Lauttamus’ network.  Third party providers and services will not function on this service.   If you’d like to have access to the Lauttamus paging network and take advantage of this service, please contact us for more information!

Send an Alpha Numeric Paging Message using the form below!

Alpha Numeric PagingComplete the form below and we’ll instantly send your message along to our customer.   There is a 250-character maximum on the alpha numeric paging message.    Please note that once the form is sent, the page cannot be deleted.

  • Enter the pager number only (NO areacode), in this format: 9999999. There should be no spaces, punctuation, or parenthesis.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.


Alpha Paging is a great way to communicate in specific industries and facilities where other mobile communications may be disallowed.    Hospitals, physician offices, manufacturing floors, noisy environments or other locations may be ideal for paging systems to be deployed.   If you’re thinking about how a paging system could benefit your team, contact us for more information!

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