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We have partnered with Concept Seating to provide 24/7 seating solutions for 911 centers and dispatchers.

Concept Seating offers a variety of incomparable 24/7 seating solutions — one-of-a-kind, durable, ergonomic and supportive chairs that keep workers comfortable even in the most intense settings. These chairs are ideal for high-pressure work environments where personnel are required to spend many hours seated. They can withstand constant use, heavy weight and changing personnel. When you want a better way to support and empower your workforce in a round-the-clock or high-stress setting, our 24/7 chairs are the answer.

Our 24 Hour Office Chairs

Our seating solutions support workers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That's because they're specially designed to hold up longer and better than traditional seating options. Each chair goes through extensive government testing to become certified for intensive 24-hour use. This testing includes running the chairs through repeated movements, with increasing weight loads, to make sure they exceed specific targets for how many times certain movements can be repeated. As a result, our 24/7 chairs are more durable, supportive and comfort-enhancing than any other options out there.

Learn more about our 24/7 chair models below:

The 3120 Split High Back

The 3122 Split High Back

The 3142R1 High Back is the ultimate in high back office chairs, providing exceptional comfort and ergonomic support.

The 3150 Task Chair is an elite office task chair solution, able to handle 550 pounds and complete with a six-year warranty.

The 3150HR Operator is a versatile, 24-hour operator chair that combines a heavy-duty task chair with a high back model.

The 3152 Task Chair gives all the benefits of an ergonomic task chair, but with a roomier design. 

The 3152HR Operator combines the functionality of a task chair with the comfort of a high back model, coupled with a wider seat base.

The 3156 Bariatric Chair is a revolutionary bariatric seating option, engineered to handle double standard bariatric weight capacity and engineered from the ground up to be more adjustable, comfortable and supportive.

The 3156HR Bariatric Chair is a revolutionary bariatric seating option, engineered to handle double standard bariatric weight capacity and engineered from the ground up to be more adjustable, comfortable and supportive.

Markets and Clients That Benefit From 24/7 Chairs

Essentially, anywhere that round-the-clock seating is needed, 24/7 chairs are a great solution. Some of the workplaces that especially appreciate our chairs include 911 centers, control rooms, casino security, fire and EMC facilities, government branches, process control environments, transportation facilities, and more. In these and other environments, our 24/7 chairs provide unsurpassed durability, extended support and high weight capabilities.

Advantages of Our 24/7 Seating Chairs

When it comes to resilient, comfortable seating solutions, there's no comparison to the benefits of our 24/7 chairs, which include:

  • Durability for constant usage
  • Strength for heavy weight and prolonged seating
  • Support for high-stress, round-the-clock workplaces
  • Resilience to last through many shifts, seasons, employees and years in business
  • Life spans that mean you no longer need to replace chairs every few years
  • Physical support that frees employees to focus

How to Choose the Best 24/7 Chair for Your Setting

In today's office furniture market, there are many options for seating — but to find the best, most durable choice, you need equipment strong enough to last and comfortable enough to support workers. As you navigate the possibilities for 24/7 seating options, here are a few must-have features to look for in your selection:

Sturdy steel construction. 
You want a 24/7 chair that's designed with a sturdy steel frame, so that it will be virtually indestructible, no matter who sits in it or how long it's in use.

High weight capacity. 
For a chair to accommodate the widest range of personnel, it needs a high weight capacity, ideally up to 500 pounds or more.

Manufacturer warranty. 
The best chairs come with warranties that show how confident their manufacturers are in their quality. Look for a 24/7 chair option that's backed by a guarantee.

One of the most important qualities of a good 24/7 chair is adjustability. It needs to be adaptable to different users' heights, weights, arm lengths, etc. This is exactly why all Concept Seating 24/7 chairs come with key adjustable controls that allow users to adapt seat size, back height, lumbar support, reclining angles and more features to them.

When you're interested in learning more about 24/7 seating options and how they can improve your workplace, look at our products on this page - or contact us anytime!

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