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Coronavirus Pandemic Control Center

Coronavirus Pandemic Control

Coronavirus Pandemic Control Center – your best planned response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Coronavirus Pandemic Control CenterLet Lauttamus Communications be your Coronavirus Control Center. With Lauttamus Call Center & Answering Service, residents and businesses in your area can stay up to date and be the first to know if the Coronavirus D (COVID-19) Pandemic will be affecting your area, and keep them updated on Coronavirus vaccines and ways to prevent the spread of the disease through Mass Notifications.

  • BE READY: if a disaster strikes in your area, be ready to inform the public on what to do next with Lauttamus Communications Disaster Hotline.
  • BE INFORMED: Let the general public know the latest information on the Coronavirus.
  • BE THE FIRST TO KNOW: Let residents be the first to know with mass notifications that the Coronavirus could affect them.

When you leverage our call center, you help provide peace of mind and continuity to your constituents.

Our customers include places like:

  • Nursing homes – who need to keep families updated on current conditions and steps taken to protect the elderly in their care.
  • 911 & Emergency Response Centers – with high-volume demand that need to give updates and response access to a wide base of consumers.
  • Pharmacies – to provide updated details on best practices for normal health and protection from exposure.
  • Businesses – who need to inform employees about sick-leave practices, work-from-home plans, and updated global influences.
  • Health Departments – responding to hundreds of concerned citizens and public-health inquiries.
  • Colleges and Universities – looking to sustain campus health and guide students, faculty, and parents through this concern.
  • Travel and Leisure Industry – seeking to assure guests and travelers about plans, alternatives, and health concerns abroad.

For more information on the CDC’s response to Coronavirus please visit:

Give your residents and businesses a place to call 24×7. Contact Lauttamus today to setup your Hotline.
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